Ipotesi Cinema was originally a film school created in 1982 by Ermanno Olmi and Paolo Valmarana.

The philosophy of life of Ipotesi cinema is closely related to observation and documentation of reality. The Company's main target is to train young filmmakers urging their sense of responsibility in the relationship with the people and the collective dimension of the work, stimulating to seek itheir expressive languages ​​using the democratic possibilities of digital recording means and especially by proposing projects of interest common to work on.

With the support of Paul Valmarana and Rai1, the Italian television, funded a program of twelve episodes of one hour each “Of countries and cities” (which aired in 1985 and replicated in 1988) in which were broadcast short films and documentaries made by students of the school among whom: Francesca Archibugi, Giacomo Campiotti, Maurizio Zaccaro, now well-known italian directors, and Piergiorgio Gay, Markus Imhof, Augusto Tretti.

Later they were also made real movie, features fims: Maicol (1988) by Mario Brenta; At the tail of the queue (1989) by Maurizio Zaccaro; Almost a year (1993) by George Straight, I do not have the head (1996) by Michele Lanubile;  Case (1997) by Rodolfo Bisatti; Tomorrow (1997) by Julius Ciarambino; Three Stories (1998) by Piergiorgio Gay and Roberto Sanpietro.